Doggie Day Care w/ Pick up & Drop off.

Includes Pet pick-up from your home and drop-off too!

Neighborhood Pet Care Doggie Day Care started as “Adventure Walks” in 2008. Our Doggie Day Care now (still a Pet pick up & drop off service) includes our own location ft. 2‎ private outdoor dog parks and an indoor play/lounge area to heat up in the cold, cool down in air conditioning in heat and to get out of the rain. We do snack time indoors, water always available inside & outside. When the days get shorter and or for our boarding dogs, the parks are completely lit up at night with industrial flood lights! The NPC Center sits on 3 acres of land and the indoor area is a large addition built onto our 3 bedroom farm style home! We still do field trips often as well! We travel to different areas like dog parks and the many Pet friendly places we have discovered over the years! 🙂 We want dogs to run free in a completely controlled environment, socialize as they naturally love to do and get the exercise they need all wrapped into a days time! 🙂  If your dog(s) doesn’t get very excited when we show to pick him/her/them up, after just 2 weeks (10 days) with NPC, no questions asked you will receive a complete refund! However, in 10 years we have not been asked even one time for a refund.  8 hours is the average day. We guarantee 7 hours.

Your dogs are out for the entire day, and the part of the day when they travel, its in complete comfort, luxury and saftey too of course. For our older dogs or recovering we have “Therapeutic & Postropedic Pet Pads” to go over the van or boarding beds! They include cooling pads, self-heating reflective pain reliever pads, posturepedic pain reducing pads, and upper plush bed toppers as well.


One of the luxuries is we play in each of our 3 vans, special DVD videos that are for dogs only! Full of mind capturing nature, different animal noises etc. But the screens picture resolution is totally off to the human eye but that’s because humans and animals have different perception levels. They are often very entertained by these movies! Their originally made for dogs that stay home alone and need entertainment. We love these DVDs so much we use the special cat ones to entertain our cats/boarding cats during the day in different rooms. This is just one of many methods we use to keep your dogs entertained and having fun! Now we do PICK UP FROM YOUR HOME & DROP OFF BACK AT YOUR HOME FOR EVERY SERVICE WE OFFER. Your dog is picked up in one of 3 Pet friendly, safe, comfortable & entertaining Mini Vans or the big passenger bus van, Known as the “doggie bus”. When we take field trips to Pet friendly areas, we often go to many of our favorite places  like the beautiful, 5 Acres grass, Wrentham Dog Park. Then we go 1/4 mile down the street to the doggie beach on mirror lake! Its a great day everytine and Parents get the photo/video updates! Every dog needs more then a boring, no real exercise, leash walk, or the cluttered together in an old warehouse buiding where there’s little to no outside play, just bathroom area, and the dog to staff ratio is on average 25 to 1, unlike our 5 to 1 more intimate 5 to 1 dog ratio!

“Doggie Day Care” includes Basic Behavioral Training. Lia and Casey are certified & experienced trainers and the veteran dogs lead by example. Like round trip Pet Transportation BB Training is included in our “Doggie Day Care” services! Free running and friends both human and animal, ensure a happier and healthier Pet! WE SEND PICTURES AND VIDEO UPDATES SO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT AND HOW YOUR FURRY ONE IS DOING! Any size or breed there is always a place for your dog with us. We are gone for 7-8 hours a day. Parents you might want to pack a small snack! Now for parents who’s dog needs more then 7-8 hours then we recommend our “After Care” service.

“After Care” is as low as just $15 added on to your daily Doggie Day Care price! You can see that we go to great lengths to make our Award Winning service an awesome experience for your dog(s). Our rates vary from $30 to-$45 a day. Based on temperament/training level of your dog(s) & and absolute biggest factor is weekly commitment. That is the amount of days a week your dog(s) will be joining us. The absolute best thing about our days with the dogs over the years, I’ve seen them become family and we are included in that! It’s honestly very hard to describe the feeling when you see the vision you had for the best Pet Care service come true! There is not one dog that we pick up that doesn’t go absolutely nuts when we show up & that is the best way to know how your dog is doing with us! I promise you won’t be disappointed, money-back guarantee!  ALL PARENTS WHO HIRE N.P.C. BECOME FAMILY MEMBERS. THAT MEANS MANY GREAT THINGS INCLUDING RECIEVING DISCOUNTS ON ALL SERVICES  LIKE BOARDING + GROOMING + TRAINING ECT. WHICH ALL INCLUDE ROUND TRIP TRANSPORTATION AS WELL!…REMEMBER!!!


Man’s Best Friend Boarding

Our boarding service is based on our belief that dogs shouldn’t be shoved in caged kennels. The reason it’s called Mans Best Friend Boarding is because we taken in one dog or one family of dogs, two dogs at most if compatible and we treat them like they are our own dogs! We eat, sleep and play together. We treat them as if they are our own dogs! We send pictures and videos to all owners via: email or smartphone text, so you know exactly what your dog is doing and the fun he or she is having! 92% of all boarding clients have become repeat clients! There is just no other more humane and fun way to board your dog(s) Our rate is $50 a day/night. We book fast so call today!

Profesional Grooming – Pick Up/Drop Off Included!

grooming          From renowned Stylist Paul Mitchell’s high end Pet shampoo and conditioner line. Our Professional and experienced stylists offer your Dog/Cat full-service Grooming. Cuts w/ Brush outs, Bathing, Professional Strength Blow Dry Outs personally done not hooked to caged Pet. Call for pricing. Nails, teeth, ears, eyes cleaning along with anal gland extractions included in every package! Call for package Pricing!



When you can’t be home and need someone to stop in and feed/relieve your pets, or you just want a leash walk. Or you just need your yard cleaned up for the spring time or any time of year for maintenance. Give NPC a call!

Good Dog, Professional Dog Training

Obedience at its best. We have the best professional and experienced trainers that train your dogs in all aspects and levels of obedience. Please call about our one on one, very affordable, 16-week Behavior/Obedience class.


When you have lost a pet and do not know who to turn to please worry not, we have a professional staff with sniffing dogs and a proven track record of success. NPC Lost Pet unit will come meet you right away, even in the middle of the night, there is no other way. We charge a $200 Case fee. That is our fee to take your case we work out the details in person as far as the rest of the finances go if the pet is found safe unharmed then there will be a extra fee paid at that time as well. We only take enough money to do the search until the search is done. We come with a minimum of 5 references of lost Pet cases we have worked on successfully before. We will get your pet back at very least give you answers but call us and we will get right on it and you will not have to worry we will take that off your hands because we know what it’s like to be lost with no help, there is a 911 for lost pets & it’s 508-641-4146. Please don’t hesitate to call!

We accept cash, check’s and all major credit/debit cards! CALL FOR A FREE “MEET N GREET” TODAY! LICENSED/INSURED/BONDED & Accredited with A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Minimum 5 references offered! (508) 641-4146

Want To Donate Or Adopt?

To donate or to adopt a dog or cat as we have and continue to do please visit HERE today!